Wireless fuel tank level monitoring

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Wireless fuel tank level monitoring

This revolutionary monitoring system allows for monitoring and tracking water consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The Tekelek Eco-Water Transmitter is easily installed on a storage tank to measure the level of water in a tank.

It transmits the water level information wirelessly to the Tekelek Eco-Water Monitor which may be located in a convenient place inside a home or office. The Tekelek Eco-Water Transmitter uses ultrasonic technology to measure the distance from the Transmitter on top of the tank to the surface of the liquid in the tank. As the amount of liquid in the tank decreases, the distance measured increases accordingly. This distance information is then transmitted wirelessly to the Tekelek Eco-Water Monitor, which then displays the level of the tank.

The Display Unit setup menu is so easy to navigate that within minutes you will be able to set your tank depth, high and low level alarm points, clock settings and more, all remotely from the indoor Display Unit.

The TEK will monitor your Tank or Cistern and warn you should your tank run low to ensure your pump never runs dry. For your convenience, the unit has a digital clock and displays the current indoor and outdoor temperatures. This unit will even tell you when to replace the batteries.

Wireless fuel level sensor

The TEK is suitable for tanks from 1. Designed to be a fully "DIY" product.

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It only takes minutes to setup and install, saving on installation costs. With this information you can ensure that you fill your water tank at the correct time — not too soon, and more importantly, not too late. Aquatel's D Multi-Tank capable wireless fluid level monitor can be used to monitor up to 6 tanks or cisterns of nearly any shape or size. A simple and effective first flush water diverter that requires minimal maintenance. The ultimate high performance self-cleaning downspout filter By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and eliminates a fire hazard.

Great for hose bibs and water valves. Featuring superior performance, this complete UV disinfection system will treat rainwater directly from the storage tank and bring it up to fully potable standards, for reuse indoors. Graf EcoBloc Light modular water storage systems feature unlimited storage capacity, flexible design options, ease of inspection and integrated filtration shafts.Intrinsically-safe sensors allow for quick installation without the worry of Class 1 Div 1 re-certification.

Strapping tables, offsets, and formulas can be applied to increase the accuracy of the height readings and volume calculations. Data individual Oil Tanks can be monitored in real-time and data returned to a centralized location. Data from hundreds of Oil leases in remote areas can help optimize logistics, and alert operators of critically high tanks before spills occur. Tank Farm monitoring can utilize a data concentrator system and provide additional discounts for monitoring.

Frac oil is expensive and can be enticing for criminals to steal and resell. SCADACore can quickly add temporary remote monitors to ensure all of the valuable frac oil is accounted for.

Remote installations or residences rely on water trucked in and stored in tanks. Local depth dipping can be is inaccurate and infrequent leading to water shortages in remote locations.

wireless fuel tank level monitoring

Septic tank monitoring in remote locations is often overlooked, specifically when the location is used infrequently. Remote cabins or rental units can take advantage of the remote septic tank monitoring to ensure tanks remaining usable.

Truck loading and ticketing is especially important in tracking when and where the production is sent. SCADACore can offer a local and remote truck ticketing system to let operators and administrators know when, where, and by whom the oil was trucked away. Tank Level Monitoring kchan T Tank Level Monitoring.

With a concentrator model, hundreds of tanks within a tank farm can be monitored. Complete turnkey communication and sensor packages with remote level data access. Tank level data can be viewed and accessed anytime, anywhere. All-inclusive pricing includes cellular plans, dashboard access, and alerts.

Tank farms with thousands of tanks can be monitored on a customizable dashboard. User-permissions and client-hierarchy allow flexible access management. Additional points, sensors, devices, and cameras can be added for more comprehensive monitoring. Contact Us. Cellular Tank Level Monitoring Package. Tank level monitoring package includes cellular modem housed in a weatherproof box, and an ultrasonic tank level sensor. Turnkey solution with web-based data access.

Access tank level data anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Cellular Gateway Housed in Weatherproof Box. Device Dimensions: Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Sensor. Sensor Range: 1 to 25 ft, Multi-sensor options available. Sensor mounting: 1 in. Satellite Tank Level Monitoring Package.

Complete tank level monitoring package includes satellite transceiver and ultrasonic tank level sensor. Power consumption: Receive: 65 mA; Transmit: 0. Employees can be scheduled to attend to tanks based on tank level data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

wireless fuel tank level monitoring

Our charting system is also easy-to-use, allowing clients to review and analyze data with powerful trending features and historical data retrieval.Whether you manage one tank or hundreds, wirelessly track fuel tank levels and other data from any device with up-to-minute information. The best tracking option for company and government fuel tanks. Learn more about this technology. The latest hardware and software for fuel tank level monitoring.

Wirelessly track fuel levels, temperature, and any water levels. Setup preset alerts for fuel levels and any tampering. We are very pleased with the system and are amazed at the information that has been made available to us through your system.

Our inventory control, cost distribution and usage per unit information is available to us at any time and your reports are very user friendly. Fleet SAP puts all your fuel and fleet management tools at your fingertips from one device, anywhere in the world. Call today to speak with a Representative. If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank. Call to speak with a representative or submit your information below: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm EST.

How many Tanks.DUT-E S7 wireless sensor allows to measure current fuel volume and its changes in a fuel tank. DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensor is also used for fuel level monitoring in stationary tanks. Monitoring of fuel tank fuelling and draining.

Fuel theft detection. Fuel usage monitoring. No cable. Fuel Tank Monitor app is used for displaying accurate fuel level, volume, temperature and notifications on fuel tank fill-up or fuel draining from tank. Checking fuel volume refill at gas station; Quick check of current fuel volume in tank; Getting alarms on fuel theft from tank.

Checking and recording fuel volume in vehicle tank when transferring vehicle from one driver to another. A screwdriver should touch both tubes i. Explosion-proof Certificate.

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Wireless fuel level sensor. Buy Online. Document Center. Compatible GPS trackers. Image gallery. Installation portfolio. Monitoring of fuel tank fuelling and draining Fuel theft detection Fuel usage monitoring. Get quote. DUT-E S7 application. No cable Quick installation of sensor and telematics unit. No cable Increased resistance to vandalism. Fuel Tank Monitor smartphone app.Wireless tank monitoring lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from your computer or smartphone for real time access to data you can use to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and expand your customer base.

Wireless bulk tank monitoring with best in class technology provides accurate and repeatable tank level readings. No more inconsistent manual records or climbing tanks. Our best-in-class hardware and easy-to-access ATEK Intelligence Platform AIPa cloud-based user dashboard, are used in many markets to monitor multiple above ground liquid tanks.

Rapidly and easily deploy one to thousands of wireless tank monitors and optimize your operations. Our team of experts has the market and technical knowledge to quickly get you up and running.

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AIP automatically sends e-mail or text message alerts to preselected users, based on your chosen tanks levels. Assets are displayed on mapping software to help determine optimal routing and dispatching of trucks.

Data is stored and can easily be accessed. The platform also has open API connections to move data to other locations if desired. Welcome to new efficiencies in tank management Wireless tank monitoring lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from your computer or smartphone for real time access to data you can use to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and expand your customer base.

TankScan Wireless Tank Monitoring for tanks in the field, bulk storage tanks and tanks below ground. Easy and reliable wireless tank level monitoring. World-Class Customer Care Our team of experts has the market and technical knowledge to quickly get you up and running. C-Store Petroleum Management. Bulk Liquid Storage.

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Simple, powerful tank monitoring dashboard. Critical Warnings and Alerts AIP automatically sends e-mail or text message alerts to preselected users, based on your chosen tanks levels. Status at A Glance Customizable dash-board to view assets.

Locations at A Glance Assets are displayed on mapping software to help determine optimal routing and dispatching of trucks. Reporting and Trending Data is stored and can easily be accessed.The founders, Khusro Saleem and Andrew Kelley are two passionate engineers with decades of remote sensing and telecommunications experience in the mining, utility and agricultural space.

Remote sensing has now truly come of age.

China top brand Holykell HPT619 GPRS wireless water tank level monitor, real-time level transmitter

The technology that was traditionally only available to large utilities or custom built by specialist technology companies, with a corresponding price tag, is now available as robust, commodity solutions that are ready for all businesses.

Vying for attention are at the other end of the spectrum are Internet of Things IoT sensor components and systems. In our experience, these are great for small scale do it yourself projects but are yet to be proven as reliable, business grade reliable solutions. We know the technology, we know the industry and we are passionate about helping you be more productive.

If you would like a chat or a demonstration about how remote sensing can improve your business operations, please contact us. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Review our privacy policy for more information. Product tour. How does it work?

Tank Monitoring Solutions

Try live demo now. Detect tank level trends automatically before they become critical. Spend less time and money manually inspecting tanks.

wireless fuel tank level monitoring

Improve productivity by optimising your business logistics and operations. Lower operational costs by reducing hours of routine manual tank checking. Efficiently schedule and audit tank refilling. Add value immediately, without large project overheads and timelines, through this simple, standalone solution, or optionally integrate into your existing operational systems.

Agricultural Water tanks. It can be stressful not knowing if your stock have enough water, especially during times of high temperature and between water runs. Remote tank level monitoring system helps take the stress out of stock water storage and supply with automated alerts on low or fast falling levels giving farm managers time to take action.

Stock water run savings calculator. Fuels and Lubricants. As a fuel supplier, distributor or on-site user, you want to proactively track and manage your fuel assets. Automated level monitoring provides near real time intelligence on fuel storage levels enabling optimal logistical planning improving productivity. Fertilisers and Chemicals. Optimise the supply chain between supplier and consumer.

Custom Integrations. We offer customised liquid level detection to suit your unique applications. This includes new sensor or software integration into your business processes and tools. For example, you can view your liquid level within your Salesforce dashboards without requiring any additional logins to third party systems.

Please contact us to find out more. Landlords, ensure your tenants don't run out of water during their stay at your property. Keep an eye on water levels before, during and after their visit.Lowest cost guaranteed for life. Industry leading battery life. Dual SIM for maximum coverage.

Works with all tanks and software. Monitor Compatibility. Free Nee-Vo app for all customers Free custom branding Track tank levels in real time Customizable level alerts Consult usage history Request refill.

Send notifications to customers. Export data to spreadsheet for analysis CVS. Manage list of recipients for notifications and reports. Set 4 customizable notifications per tank monitor; low and critical-low alarms, fill, and rapid draw detection. View current inventory levels and sort by priority.

Easily manage customer information. Pin point your tank monitors on a map. View device statistics for usage history. Create custom route. Contact us. Contact us today and find out more about Otodata's tank level monitors. An Otodata representative will be in touch. About Us. Online Portal. Shop Online. Play Video.

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The most affordable tank monitor, guaranteed. Interchangeable leads. Mounting options. Fully encapsulated electronics. Start Testing Free Today. Unlimited reports and alerts. A tank monitor to suit your corporate needs. This award recognizes initiatives from organizations that have contributed to the advancement of the propane industry. Learn more. Free custom branding.


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