Surgical face mask template

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Surgical face mask template

In these uncertain times, every little assurance that we can get is a win in my book. Now that the CDC is recommending that people wear face masks, we should all do our part to help each other get through this thing as smoothly as possible.

There are many different styles of masks. I have compiled a list of the 25 patterns that I personally like best. Choose the one that you feel is best for your family based on your own research. Elastic behind the ears can cause sores when worn for long periods of time. This design uses ties instead of elastic to prevent sores. As an added bonus, it also makes the mask more easily adjustable for different sizes.

This pattern uses bias tape for a snug fit. It also has a pocket for a filter or paper towel for added protection. The pleated design fits comfortably on the curves of the face. This mask has a clever secret to help your face mask stay on. There is a small piece of wire in the spot over the bridge of the nose so you can pinch it closed.

This pattern has both a written pattern and a video tutorial. If you want to keep it simple, then this one is for you! This basic pattern is good for beginners and has sizing options for children and adults. There are many different photos to explain every step of the process. Kids need face masks too!

This pattern has two sizes — one for smaller kids and one for larger kids. The designer recommends the ear loop style for these masks because it is easier and faster to get them on that way. Customize this mask pattern to suit your needs. Elastic or ties?

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Filter or no filter? Wire nose guard or not? You decide! This pattern includes a lot of tips and tricks from other crafters who have made this pattern for themselves.

This pattern was made by someone who worked in the healthcare profession. The mask has 3 layers: two fabric layers and a removable center layer that you can make out of batting or gauze.

Wearing a mask can feel scary for a child. This pattern includes instructions for both a face mask and a surgical cap. So the next time you need to take your child to the store with you just make-believe that you are doctors. I like that this mask is reversible so you can use two different patterns of fabric to switch up your look. I also like that this post includes a list of supply alternatives because it can be tricky to find exactly what you need at the store.

If you are one of the guardian angels making masks for our healthcare workers on the front lines then you must be tired of cutting by now!Looking for a free printable face mask pattern? Should you wish to skip this, you can use the menu directly below this to skip to the list of printable face mask patterns.

Homemade masks are last resort options and it is incredibly sad and disappointing our leaders around the globe have left us with only this option. Jump to: Are home made face masks effective for Covid?

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There is no concrete evidence about the efficacy of homemade face masks. I initially removed all items but after the CDC did a backflip on its recommendations despite there not being a body of research to back it up I have added them back. Spreading false medical information is dangerous at the best of times, but in the time of a pandemic I believe we have a social duty to curb such myths. And so I want to suggest a highly informative podcast: Science VS.

They prioritise fact over hype and are covering Covid better than any mainstream media. No sensationalism, no politics, and the explanations are designed for laypeople.

I highly, highly recommend you listen to their episode called Coronavirus: Unmasking the Facts and Ibuprofen Scares.


There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence i. To date there have been no studies proving the safety of these masks. At best they may discourage people from touching their faces. For now doctors, nurses, and front line medical staff are often being told to sanitise and reuse medically approved masks.

There is evidence it is possible to kill viruses on masks, but the masks need to be able to keep the virus out to begin with. T-shirt material etc does not do that. The World Health Organisation does not mention homemade masks, which is in line with the specialist in viral respiratory infection who, in the same Science VS episode mentioned earlier, was surprised as were colleagues that the CDC mentioned them at all.

Should you wish to read the original study, you can do so here. The authors of the original study still do not condone the use of cloth masks as their research showed wearers of homemade masks had higher risks of infection. You can read their updated response here. Prior to the change in recommendation from the CDC, they maintained the following information on their site, and it is listed as a last ditch effort.

Whether or not you want to wear homemade masks is your choice, but it would be irresponsible of me to promote them without first stating that only study to have looked at this concludes they should not be used.

surgical face mask template

Plus it is a sign of respect to others who are inhabiting the same space as you in public. Anyway, here is a short list of tutorials other individuals have worked to create. I have not tried any of them, but if you do I would love to know the results.

surgical face mask template

Caroline is a superbly talented sewer.Lots of free sewing patterns and tutorials for making bags, zipper pouches, quilts, mini-quilts, easy clothing items, and other crafty little things to sew. The Olson Mask Pattern was designed by medical professionals to be used when other surgical and N95 masks are not available. Most agree that it is the best pattern available for homemade face masks, and I think so too! It is curved to fit the nose and mouth area, and there is a pocket on the inside to hold an additional filter if available.

Here are some additional resources you might find helpful:. Video Tutorial showing an even faster method for making this face mask pattern. How to make a wash bag for face masks and more. How to make a face mask filter. My recommendations for the best fabrics to use are found here.

More tie options that I have tried, including different kinds of elastics and fabric ties. I have made many masks with this pattern to share with family members and healthcare workers in my community. But many of my friends could not understand the PDF tutorial, so I let them come over to my house so I could show them how in person. The photo tutorial below was written with permission and is not meant to replace the Olson Mask Pattern, but accompany it.

There is also an instructional video. I really recommend watching the video. By request, I have re-sized the pattern templates to make child sized face masks in two different sizes. The pattern templates for child sized masks include:. Cutting and sewing instructions are the same for the child sized masks. The Olson Mask Pattern has 6 pattern templates and specifies cutting one from each template. You may save time by only using templates Mouth 1, Cheek 1, and Face 1.

Cut 2 each from pattern templates Cheek 1, Face 1, and Mouth 1. When cutting, layer the fabric with wrong sides facing so you can cut the two pieces at once and they will be reversed.

Take the cheek pieces and mouth pieces to your ironing board. Sew along the fold on all of these pieces to make simple single hems.

Place the cheek pieces and the mouth piece sewn along the curved edge on your workspace, with the right sides of the fabric down as seen above. If necessary, refer to the templates to ensure that you are not arranging any of them upside down. Do not worry too much about how much to overlap the mouth piece with the cheek pieces right now - you will adjust them for an accurate fit in the next step.

Match the pieces together at the center seams and place pins at the top and bottom center. Now carefully remove one of the pins that holds the mouth and cheek pieces together. Smooth and adjust out the fabrics so that they fit nicely between the sides and the center seam. Repeat for all 4 pins that attached the cheek pieces to the mouth piece.

When you come to the place where you started sewing, continue sewing on top of your first few stitches and then backstitch to secure. To reduce bulk, trim away extra fabric at the corners, without cutting the stitching. Turn the face mask right side out through one of the openings next to the cheek piece.

Stitch the side edge down, backstitching at the beginning and end to secure well. Of course, you may use other types of elastic or make drawstring ties, depending on the needs of the user and the resources available. Caution should be exercised when considering this option.Welcome to See Kate Sew!

surgical face mask template

If you're new here, sign up for my email newsletter for access to free patterns, tutorials and all the latest sewing news! Tour my sewing setup here! Organizations all over the US are calling on sewers, sewists, people with sewing machines to help create handmade masks to help cope with the coronavirus shortage.

This post will also help you find a place to donate homemade pandemic masks. See my new posts, how to make a face mask with a filter pocket and how to make a mask for kids. There is evidence that these masks do NOT work as well as PPE medical masks so there has been debate on whether or not these are needed. I also hope that fun, bright patterns and showing we care will uplift nurses, doctors and frontline healthcare workers as they work tirelessly against this virus.

A little morale boost is a sweet way to show healthcare workers we care. And an activity will help us all feel better about staying at home! Surgical Mask Pattern Download. Find a place to donate before making these, that way you can ask what specifications and materials they want and make the masks accordingly.

Watch this video if you prefer a video tutorial! This will show you two ways do make the elastic mask:. Kid size mask Filter variation for hospitals.

Use a slightly shorter measurement since the elastic is typically stretchier than braided elastic. These fabric face masks are all made with a basic rectangle to start. The printable pattern includes pleat markings for this type of mask.

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Pin one length at the top corners of the fabric and there other at the bottom. Lay the second piece of fabric face down. Turn, press and create pleats according to the pattern piece. These masks are ear-loop masks and the thin elastic cording is comfortable to wear.Use these free sewing patterns and templates to sew up a DIY face mask that you can donate to a hospital, medical office, health care workers, or other essential employees.

These face masks can be washed and reused and many of them have pockets for filters that lengthen the life of them even more. Keep in mind that according to the World Health Organization WHOyour mask should ideally be made of three layers of fabric—a water-resistant outer layer, a middle layer that acts as a filter, and an inner layer of water-absorbent fabric. These DIY face masks do not replace the N95 masks but work as a last resort for health care workers. If you can sew a straight line, you can sew one of these DIY face masks.

They're a quick project that takes very little time to make and only takes a few materials that you probably already have on hand. There are a few different styles and methods to making them, but all the patterns below make a mask that can be worn by healthcare workers.

This easy to sew face mask makes a basic mask and comes in three different sizes for children and adults. It's a quick project, taking only 30 minutes from start to finish so it's great if you're short on time. It's also an incredibly easy sew, only straight lines are used to put the mask together. If you don't have any elastic, you can make a face mask that uses fabric ties that ties instead.

This is a surgical style mask with pleats so it conforms around your nose and mouth nicely. If you're looking for a more countered mask, this is a great pattern. There's a free pattern piece included that can be used to create an adult or child's mask.

Pleated Face Mask Sewing Pattern with Ties or Elastic – Free Printable

You can make a face mask for a year old, year old, or teenage and adult with this free pattern. This pattern is made specifically so the elastic puts less stress on the ears than other masks. If you own an electronic cutting machine, you'll find the masks even easier to make because there are template files for both the Cricut and the Silhouette available that you can use to cut out your pieces. This free face mask pattern features a removable filter pocket so you can change the filter and wash the mask.

There are also adjustable ties made out of ribbon, so the mask can fit any adult and can be more comfortable than tight elastic ties. The Fu Face Mask can be sewn together quickly and includes directions on how to sew it effectively, with the option of making one that looks better, or simply getting it quickly done so you can make a bunch.

There are 3 sizes available and it attaches with ribbon. A PDF template is provided as well as diagrams and written instructions. These face masks look a lot like surgical masks and are a lot of fun to make. They use pleating on the sides of the mask for a comfort factor and even if you've never done this technique before, the directions are very straight forward on how to do it.

Since the mask is sewn together a little differently than the others, there are no templates, you simply cut to size. Both adult and child sizes are included. If you own a Cricut Maker electronic cutting machine, you can make fast work out of cutting out your mask. A mask template is provided and all you need to do is place some fabric on your mat and then have the Cricut cut it.As a technical fashion designer, I help other fashion designers refine their patterns and construction methods for their designs.

Simple Surgical Style 3 Pleats Face Mask Pattern

I looked at many different mask designs online, created some prototypes, and this one is the winner. I've edited the pattern and instructions for quick construction. The Olson style is a more stylish yet equally effective mask design.

The other popular design you may see is the pleated surgical mask style. The CDC has recently recommended that EVERYONE wear a fabric mask when out in public in high contact areas, like grocery stores or pharmacy, basically anywhere you may come within 6' of another person. It is not an N equivalent, but with the N mask shortage, it is much better than nothing.

This mask is NOT a substitute for social distancing, all three practices must be maintained for optimal protection to yourself and others. Think soft, this goes against your face.

surgical face mask template

If the mask isn't comfortable, you won't want to wear it. Optional- fabric for a filter pocket. This can be the same as any of the other layers, or something different.

T-shirt yarn for ties. Filter optional - Non-woven shop towels, folded tissue, dried bath wipes, toilet paper folded- or some other kind of non-woven substrate. Click the link, make sure you are signed into Google Drive.

Click on each file, then press the download button located on the top right part of the page. Do not request access, message me if you have trouble. There is a scale on the printout to assist with this. The pattern only has two pieces, the main mask, and the pocket pattern optional. You'll want 2 matched pairs of the main mask, one for the front and one for the inside. For the pocket you will want 1 matched pair of your inside or a contrast fabric.

If you are using an old super soft t-shirt, that usually goes on the inside parts.

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To save time you can stack the fabrics so you only have to cut once. In addition to your fabric, you need ties and a nose wire. Very soft, all the colors, and easy to procure. I use 5. For the nose wire I prefer to use 22 gauge jewelry wire, cut to lengths of 5. This step takes a couple more steps, but is technically easier. You will have 3 matching pairs at this point.

That is the center front part of the mask, which goes over your nose and mouth. Then press the seams open. I find a tailoring ham shown is quite useful here. Do both sides equally.You can see what other hospitals have approved. To download the patterns, look for the purple download buttons underneath the mask pictures.

There is no email sign up required. Find the best face mask filter material. Find out what face mask materials hospitals approve and disapprove of. Olson masks are a more fitted style. Skip to pleated surgical-style face masks. There are a lot of face mask designs in this article.

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Not all the masks are in this table, however. I have a brief summary about them instead. Some links in this article are affiliate product links. If you choose to buy using them, I may earn a commission. They are a nonprofit health system in America. This mask design is by Phoebe Health. They operate 12 hospitals. The masks will be treated with water repellant in the laundering process.

Your inbox. Every Thursday. The Craft Passion blog initially made this face mask tutorial in Andrew Pizza came up with the idea in a staff meeting when talk turned to the difficulty of finding masks for patients being discharged. Staffers found a pattern for making them, available online [by Craft Passion], and then got a second opinion.

This mask was designed by Free Sewing Org.


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