Cdo etawah up

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Cdo etawah up

Phone Lok Bhawan. Annexe Bhawan. Yogi Adityanath. Hon'ble Chief Minister. Shri Keshav Prasad Maurya. Deputy Chief Minister. Dinesh Sharma. Shri S. Principal Secretary. Special Secretary. Shri Avinash Kumar. Shri Amit Singh. Shri Shubharant Kumar Shukla.

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Shri Ajay Kumar Singh. Shri Gokula Nand Joshi. Special Secretary Accounts. Shri Arun Kumar Dubey. Joint Secretary. Shri Dileep Kumar Srivastava.

cdo etawah up

Shri Om Narayan Ahirvar. Shri Sunil Kumar Choudhary. Deputy Secretary. Shri Arvind Mohan. Under Secretary. Shri Ajai Kumar Ojha. Shri Lal Sahab Singh. Shri Bhaskar Chandra Kandpal. Shri Shiv Prakash Tiwari. Shri R.I agree to the terms and Conditions. View All. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office, Lucknow

Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests. By Experience. By Locations. By Employer. Company Jobs.

Consultant Jobs. Key Skills : electrical site engineer, inghvacelectronics engineer, electronics, instrumentation, plumbing Be a Featured job applicant with Premium services Unlock your career potential with premium. Upgrade to Premium. Key Skills : iot, internet of thingsDistrict Total No. Regarding Court Cases Reg. IAY Waitlist Reg. Ambedkar Villages Reg. BPL Survey Reg. Ambedkar Villages 6, September, Reg. B of Finance Department regarding Managament of releases under state share.

Date Subject 19, December, Reg.

cdo etawah up

PDs meeting on 26th and 27th Dec. Vidhayak Nidhi 29, November, Reg. Date Subject 26 November, reg. Solar lights 15 October, Vidhayan Nidhi- Reg.

Video Conf. IAY 27 May, Reg. Lohai Gramin Awas revised Target 16 April, reg. HR Agency Tender Document. Total No. Total rural population. Total BPL population. Vidhayak Nidhi Guidelines.It is the administrative headquarters of Etawah District.

The city was an important centre for the Indian Rebellion of It is also the sangam or confluence of the Yamuna and Chambal rivers. It is the 26th most populous city in Uttar Pradesh. The entire Etawah district had a population of 1, in The literacy rate was This region is believed to have existed even in the Bronze Age.

The earliest Aryans who lived here were the Panchalas. They are said to have had close connections with Kurus.

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The GuptasKanvasKanishkaNaga kings ruled over this area. In the fourth century A. During the ninth and tenth centuries, this region was governed by Gurjara Pratihara rulers. During the reign of Gurjara Pratihara monarch Mihir Bhojthe region is mentioned as prosperous, safe from thieves and rich in natural resources.

InGhiyas ud din Balban attacked the region. During the First War of Independence inmajor disturbances occurred in Etawah and the district was occupied by the freedom fighters from June to December. British rule was not completely restored till the end of Etawah has experienced modernization and development under British Raj and in the post-independence period.

The district is partly watered by branches of the Ganges canal. It is traversed by the main line of the Indian railway northern zone from Delhi to Howrah Calcutta.

Cotton, oilseeds, Potato and other agricultural produce are grown and exported. The region has a MW natural gas-based power generation plant. However, it lacks manufacturing industries. Etawah was known for its handloom products; most of them are converted into power looms thanks to the advent of better technology. Until the s, the regional politics was largely dominated by the Congress.

The region saw several changes in the succeeding decades which led to a reconfiguration of political power. Until the 80s the upper castes often used coercion to get votes from the lower caste majority in the region. The lower castes began to assert themselves much more forcefully. Two leaders, Chaudhary Charan Singh, a Jat leader who briefly became prime minister inand Mulayam Singh Yadav became faces for opposition to the Congress.

Moreover, dacoits from backward castes strengthened, asserting control over land and political power. The airport has only unscheduled chartered flights. It has a secondary railway line to Agra via reserved sanctuary area.

Etawah - Mainpuri line is also constructed and train is running between Etawah and Mainpuri. One another railway line from Etawah to Bindki is to be constructed. Etawah Junction is one of the cleanest railway station of Indian Railways. Necessary basic amenities like water taps, pay and use toilets, bridges, platform shed, waiting hall, railway enquiry window, computerized reservation hall, ATMs, food stalls, train announcement system, train display boards, infotainment screens, wheelchair accessible ramp can be found at station.

Sooner, we will find platform - coach indicators and escalators to the bridge at the station. The city is also served by four other railway stations viz.

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Etawah is well-connected by roads with the rest of Uttar Pradesh state. It has buses for all cities of Uttar Pradesh as well as for all neighbouring states. It has buses to Delhi for every 15 minutes.Separate special purpose entities —rather than the parent investment bank —issue the CDOs and pay interest to investors.

In the early s, the debt underpinning CDOs was generally diversified, [9] but by ——when the CDO market grew to hundreds of billions of dollars—this had changed. CDO collateral became dominated by high risk BBB or A tranches recycled from other asset-backed securities, whose assets were usually subprime mortgages.

It guaranteed these MBSs. This was the first mortgage-backed security made of ordinary mortgages. Inthe Equal Credit Opportunity Act in the United States imposed heavy sanctions for financial institutions found guilty of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age [17] This led to a more open policy of giving loans sometimes subprime by banks, guaranteed in most cases by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Inthe Community Reinvestment Act was enacted to address historical discrimination in lending, such as ' redlining '. The Act encouraged commercial banks and savings associations Savings and loan banks to meet the needs of borrowers in all segments of their communities, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods who might earlier have been thought of as too risky for home loans.

Inthe investment bank Salomon Brothers created a "private label" MBS mortgage backed security —one that did not involve government-sponsored enterprise GSE mortgages.

However, it failed in the marketplace.

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Early CDOs were diversified, and might include everything from aircraft lease-equipment debt, manufactured housing loans, to student loans and credit card debt.

The diversification of borrowers in these "multisector CDOs" was a selling point, as it meant that if there was a downturn in one industry like aircraft manufacturing and their loans defaulted, other industries like manufactured housing might be unaffected.

Aroundas the CDO market continued to grow, subprime mortgages began to replace the diversified consumer loans as collateral.

13 IAS transferred in UP

Bymortgage-backed securities accounted for more than half of the collateral in CDOs. The rise of "ratings arbitrage"—i. CDOs, like mortgage-backed securities, were financed with debt, enhancing their profits but also enhancing losses if the market reversed course. Subprime mortgages had been financed by mortgage-backed securities MBS. Because most traditional mortgage investors are risk-averse, either because of the restrictions of their investment charters or business practices, they are interested in buying the higher-rated segments of the loan stack; as a result, those slices are easiest to sell.

The more challenging task is finding buyers for the riskier pieces of at the bottom of the pile. The way mortgage securities are structured, if you cannot find buyers for the lower-rated slices, the rest of the pool cannot be sold. To deal with the problem investment bankers "recycled" the mezzanine tranches, selling them to underwriters making more structured securities—CDOs. The minority of the tranches that were mezzanine were often bought up by other CDOs, concentrating the lower rated tranches still further.

As one journalist Gretchen Morgenson put it, CDOs became "the perfect dumping ground for the low-rated slices Wall Street couldn't sell on its own. In the summer ofthe Case-Shiller index of house prices peaked. To entice those with low and moderate income to sign up for mortgages, down paymentsincome documentation were often dispensed with and interest and principal payments were often deferred upon request.

Refinancing to lower mortgage payment was no longer available since it depended on rising home prices.

District Etawah

By October triple-A tranches had started to fall. Investors were informed by Bear Stearns that they would get little if any of their money back. While non-prime mortgage defaults affected all securities backed by mortgages, CDOs were especially hard hit. See the Impaired Securities chart. Prior to the crisis, a few academics, analysts and investors such as Warren Buffett who famously disparaged CDOs and other derivatives as "financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal" [84]and the IMF 's former chief economist Raghuram Rajan [85] warned that rather than reducing risk through diversification, CDOs and other derivatives spread risk and uncertainty about the value of the underlying assets more widely.At this portal, people can get information of nearby kirana and ration items distribution centres for home delivery […].

All such people who are providing essential […].

cdo etawah up

Viklang Kalyan Vibhag of Uttar Pradesh govt. The complete and latest list of UP viklang pension scheme beneficiaries till the year is available at […].

cdo etawah up

Samajik Kalyan Vibhag of Uttar Pradesh govt. The complete and latest list of UP widow pension scheme beneficiaries till the year is available at the official […].

The complete and latest list of UP old age pension scheme beneficiaries till the year is available at […].

यूपी: इटावा में जिला अस्पताल से लेकर रेलवे अंडरपास तक भरा पानी, पानी में फंसी बस

Uttar Pradesh Government has announced a new scheme to provide monetary help of Rs. This UP Govt. Scheme will benefit 35 lakh people in the state […]. All of these schemes are focused on providing skill training, stipend as […].

In the Uttar Pradesh state, voting was held in 7 phases i. Under this UP Groundwater Actregistration would be mandatory to install submersible pumps. Uttar Pradesh government will start a new UP Internship Scheme for class 10th, 12th and graduation students.

Training Scheme will enable youths to get suitable employment opportunities as per their […]. Under this UP Easy Installment Scheme, farmers can pay their outstanding tubewell electricity bills in installments kishts.

Under this accidental insurance scheme, the state govt. Uttar Pradesh govt. All the owners of 2 wheeler or 4 wheelers which were manufactured before May can get HSRP number plates. Subsequently, this scheme will provide job opportunities to 25 lakh unemployed candidates across the state. Accordingly, UP govt. Under this scheme, farmers and their family members of the state can avail Durghatna Bima Accidental Insurance upto Rs.

In Hunar Haat Scheme, the state govt. Kanya Sumangla Yojana is a conditional cash transfer scheme to ensure social security to […]. UP Govt. Internship Scheme — Rs. Uttar Pradesh Govt. View Details.Learn More Register NowAdvanced ProgramsAdvanced programs designed to enhance the various aspects of your life.

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